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  1. EurAZNinvazn1214
    4 Years Ago

    How would you know how many people shared the video or how many people they got to subscribe to you??? Also how would we know when this contest ended??? and ohhh so just any one of your 2000 subscribers could get it?? nvm :P

  2. Hey everyone my name is Darko Popjonovic. I am video blogger on Youtube. I have Youtube show called The Whats On My Mind Show where I share stuff that is on my mind as well as show you what goes in my life on a daily basis. So if you like what you see go and subscribe to me. Thank you.
  3. EurAZNinvazn1214
    4 Years Ago

    lol how'd you convince that kid to dance to milkshakes at the beginning?? haha

  4. Gaming Vlogs and reviews
  5. EurAZNinvazn1214
    4 Years Ago

    That game looks sick!! I kinda want to get it now :)

  6. Parkour & Freerunning videos! //
  7. EurAZNinvazn1214
    4 Years Ago

    Great video! Haven't seen anything like it before :)

  8. Teacher4me
  9. EurAZNinvazn1214
    4 Years Ago

    Very informative. Glad I watched :)

  10. Amazing Minecraft Pixel Art
  11. EurAZNinvazn1214
    4 Years Ago

    whoaaa how do you do that??/ You're pixel art looks really cool :)

  12. Plankings
  13. EurAZNinvazn1214
    4 Years Ago

    I liked your intro work but how would someone get ahold of you so that you could do it for them?

  14. Can't Lose Wheel
  15. EurAZNinvazn1214
    4 Years Ago

    Whoaaa your video was intense its like some weird cosmic supernova was going on you deserve a great :)

  16. Wacky Cap Kids Hip-Hop Banger! Whats on Me (HD) -- Check it
  17. EurAZNinvazn1214
    4 Years Ago

    I really like the sound of your music

  18. Teenage Dancer From Brooklyn, New York
  19. EurAZNinvazn1214
    4 Years Ago

    Your dancing was really impressive keep it up :)

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