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    Awesome Guitar!
  1. MrJerryShow
    3 Years Ago

    You have great guitar playing skills

  2. Modern Warfare Series Tribute. Montage
  3. MrJerryShow
    3 Years Ago

    Not my kind of videos but iguess people will watch so keep making them

  4. Songs by Ron Gerald
  5. MrJerryShow
    3 Years Ago

    damnn this songs ill its mad chill and stuff keep up the good work bro

  6. Stick Figure Madness Episode 4
  7. MrJerryShow
    3 Years Ago

    Hahah thats so cool keep posting videos

  8. Dos Samurai
  9. MrJerryShow
    4 Years Ago

    Awesomee Hatt Mann :D

  10. A Modern Showdown
  11. MrJerryShow
    4 Years Ago

    good video its funny :D

  12. Fly Away - YabbiC
  13. MrJerryShow
    4 Years Ago

    not bad keep on writing :)

  14. Black Ops tomahawk to the faceeee!!!!
  15. MrJerryShow
    4 Years Ago

    DDDDAAAAMMMNN dat was nice check out my channel

  16. FREE iTunes Cards NOT A SCAM
  17. MrJerryShow
    4 Years Ago

    kool video will try it :)

  18. Vlogs one day, current events the next!
  19. MrJerryShow
    4 Years Ago

    Trick or treating gets better the older you get cool vids btw

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