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    we are a sketch comedy channel from youtube, we have good videos and great feedback, but not enough, we want to get more popular so we can keep making videos and entertaining people //youtube.com/user/dumbpeoplefighting?feature=mhum
  1. RyanTheVloggsta
    4 Years Ago

    You guys rule

  2. Girl Failing Road Test
  3. RyanTheVloggsta
    4 Years Ago


  4. Michael Foster - Rap/Hip-Hop Artist
  5. RyanTheVloggsta
    4 Years Ago


  6. Here ill be showing videos of specific new things that come out for Fireviews, and ill be doing videos to show how to use them, and talk a little about them.
  7. RyanTheVloggsta
    4 Years Ago
  8. TheSoloist - City
  9. RyanTheVloggsta
    4 Years Ago

    Cool, Like it.

  10. Hey guys check out this song I wrote called "A cold unforgiving hospital bed" It's about a guy who recently lost his wife, who is just unsure of what to think. He know's it's best to get over her and move on. But he cant help but think of all the good things that happened between them.
  11. RyanTheVloggsta
    4 Years Ago

    Dude that song is awesome!!!

  12. Hey guys I'm Something2Die4, and this is my song A girl like you! Tell me what you guys think and plz sub
  13. RyanTheVloggsta
    4 Years Ago

    Pretty good

  14. Hello to all the viewers, I'm Blackbird or more commonly known as The Computer Pilot, I'm a tech guy and I do lots of live shows on tech news and sometimes even present new technology during the show. Also I have a live chat room in my webste working with Geekshed IRC and I interact with the viewers and if you give me ideas of something you want to talk about I most of the time talk about it. Come join me at my ustream page!
  15. RyanTheVloggsta
    4 Years Ago
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