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  1. TylerAustin
    3 Years Ago

    Yes! People really need stuff like this! Glad you made this!

  2. ShaggieTV
  3. TylerAustin
    3 Years Ago

    Wow! This was great! I just wish the sound quality was A LITTLE better.

  4. Ketchum's Gaming Zone
  5. TylerAustin
    3 Years Ago

    I hate hate hate videos about gaming. It might be good for a certain niche, but not if you want to reach a general audience.

  6. The Mind of Spaz
  7. TylerAustin
    3 Years Ago

    Poor Rebecca Black. But very funny video! I kinda thought it was gunna be that when the videos started haha!

  8. little voice.
  9. TylerAustin
    4 Years Ago

    With more practice you will probably be awesome!

  10. Awesome Guitar!
  11. TylerAustin
    4 Years Ago

    Really great job! You're so good at guitar!

  12. Modern Warfare Series Tribute. Montage
  13. TylerAustin
    4 Years Ago

    It doesn't take that much work to do something like this.

  14. DJKmusik
  15. TylerAustin
    4 Years Ago

    Very nice sound! Very good for amateurs! Keep up the good work!

  16. Tappin' And Slappin'
  17. TylerAustin
    4 Years Ago

    Very nice music!

  18. Unwanted Guests Productions
  19. TylerAustin
    4 Years Ago

    Hahahaha! Very funny! Great job!

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