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    Anvo | Webdesigner & Developer
  1. anvodk
    4 Years Ago

    Nice design, love it

  2. BlackShadowBass on YouTube!
  3. anvodk
    4 Years Ago

    Not that good, I can find much better guys on youtube.

  4. little voice.
  5. anvodk
    4 Years Ago

    You are okay at singing, not excellent but not bad either keep training and you'll get far. :)

  6. Awesome Guitar!
  7. anvodk
    4 Years Ago

    I like the music, but quality is bad. :(

  8. Modern Warfare Series Tribute. Montage
  9. anvodk
    4 Years Ago

    Cool video, would love some cool effects though, where you like follow a 3d bullet or 2!

  10. DJKmusik
  11. anvodk
    4 Years Ago

    The music is kinda cool, but it's almost impossible to hear your voice, maybe its because of the bad youtube quality, but all in all fine. :)

  13. anvodk
    4 Years Ago

    I'm now following you on twitter!

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Anvo | Webdesigner & Developer

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