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  1. jaysonr0
    3 Years Ago

    well i prefer drum n bass but i guess you did a good job in making a song... wasnt good thogh

  2. kalebshadeslayer
  3. jaysonr0
    3 Years Ago

    i love the science part, i hate the video quality that makes it look like a cheap school video

  4. Hi there! We are SoundBoxMP. Please watch our videos at //youtube.com/user/SoundBoxMP?feature=mhum
  5. jaysonr0
    3 Years Ago

    nice cover :D its allright

  6. Amazing Summer Basketball Trick Shots & FOOTBALL OVER THE HOUSE SHOT
  7. jaysonr0
    3 Years Ago

    you know your angles

  8. Deadly Stories - Gaming VIDS
  9. jaysonr0
    3 Years Ago

    nice video i guess if your into wow

  10. ChaseLelandCurtis's Page
  11. jaysonr0
    4 Years Ago

    bad video quality= not many people will wanna watch it :/ get after effects and fix the color a bit :D

  12. Orcam is yourcam!
  13. jaysonr0
    4 Years Ago

    nooo info, whats the game? and why does it look so crappy

  14. Teacher4me
  15. jaysonr0
    4 Years Ago

    oh cool, i learned theres a such thing as a convertico :o

  16. jaysonr0
    4 Years Ago

    theres no vidseo :o

  17. Tutorials on Mac & Pc
  18. jaysonr0
    4 Years Ago

    i dont got a mac :/

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