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  1. knighten
    4 Years Ago

    nice musical choice. I don't like the look of that game though. Also, shots that aren't in killstreaks are not that impressive on their own.

  2. Teacher4me
  3. knighten
    4 Years Ago

    Cool, informative and quick.

  4. Will It Club?
  5. knighten
    4 Years Ago

    the youtube account has been closed so I couldn't see it.

  6. Tutorials on Mac & Pc
  7. knighten
    4 Years Ago

    Very informative and concise and easy to follow.

  8. INTENSELY FUNNY: Get In The Game (Like This Guy) - Yolevski
  9. knighten
    4 Years Ago

    OH NO, please not this guy again. I really hate these. It's like my ears and eyes have balls and he's kicking all of them.

  10. Tutorial: How To Pick Up Sexy Girls and Keep Them - Yolevski
  11. knighten
    4 Years Ago

    This came off as creepy way more than funny. It's also really badly done in almost every way. Also it's annoying more than funny.

  12. Teacher4me
  13. knighten
    4 Years Ago

    Interesting and kind of neat. It will only work on your own computer though.

  14. Amazing Summer Basketball Trick Shots & FOOTBALL OVER THE HOUSE SHOT
  15. knighten
    4 Years Ago

    I feel like you could get these shots just by attempting them over and over until you fluke out.

  16. Tacher4me
  17. knighten
    4 Years Ago

    Very informative and easy to understand.

  18. Kitten vs a scary thing (original)
  19. knighten
    4 Years Ago

    hahahaha cute

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