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  1. ramonnomar
    4 Years Ago

    Sweet video :) Videos like these always keep me entertained :D

  2. INTENSELY FUNNY: Get In The Game (Like This Guy) - Yolevski
  3. ramonnomar
    4 Years Ago

    Sweet, another part to a great video :) Don't stop making these vids :D

  4. Tutorials on Mac & Pc
  5. ramonnomar
    4 Years Ago

    Although, I already know how to do this. I would say that this was a very informative tutorial

  6. ramonnomar
    4 Years Ago

    There is nothing on this page to view :(

  7. Tutorial: How To Pick Up Sexy Girls and Keep Them - Yolevski
  8. ramonnomar
    4 Years Ago

    Haha, this video is both funny and true. The things that you talked about are indeed things you do to get ladies attention but you did it in such a comedic way :D

  9. Amazing Summer Basketball Trick Shots & FOOTBALL OVER THE HOUSE SHOT
  10. ramonnomar
    4 Years Ago

    Haha, this was awesome :D I always enjoy videos like this, keep it coming :)

  11. Teenage Dancer From Brooklyn, New York
  12. ramonnomar
    4 Years Ago

    Wow, you've got some sick moves :) Although, some parts could have been smoother in my opinion. But I guess practice makes better :)

  13. ShaggieTV
  14. ramonnomar
    4 Years Ago

    This video was good :D It'd be a lot better if the video was shorter, maybe should have done 2 parts for it. But that my opinion :)

  15. The Mind of Spaz
  16. ramonnomar
    4 Years Ago

    Haha, that was pretty funny :P

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