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    Come Clarity - In Flames
  1. saurus616
    3 Years Ago

    your simply amazing at guitar!

  2. Rawlo Baby-Other Shit (2012 Exclusive)With Download Link
  3. saurus616
    3 Years Ago

    haha i love this video, great music!

  4. Unless of Course, I Have my Bifocals On
  5. saurus616
    3 Years Ago

    This sounded really weird but it was great!

  6. sleepingwithcierras
  7. saurus616
    3 Years Ago

    you have a amazing voice, going acapella, btw i like your batman shirt, u definitely have that original spirit, good luck getting signed, im sure you will make it far!

  8. My Secrets
  9. saurus616
    3 Years Ago

    this is really a great takeback on your year, just remeber whatever happens, think positively, and btw maybe if you know him well enough, try to hang out with Mars

  10. Caoticah - Drawer (ORIGINAL)
  11. saurus616
    3 Years Ago

    haha this is really good, i especially enjoyed how the lyrics build up with the consistent chords! you look alot like Gwen Stafani too

  12. Seyz Dollaz - Motivated Free
  13. saurus616
    3 Years Ago

    haha that hella sickk, continue the great work!

  14. Hotboy lucas - Dream on
  15. saurus616
    3 Years Ago

    those are some sickasss shoes man!

  16. Maybe... - Matt Green
  17. saurus616
    3 Years Ago

    i love this song man, great job dude!

  18. Looming Tempest (Original)
  19. saurus616
    3 Years Ago

    this was sooooo good man, you have to continue!

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Justin Bieber, Mistletoe (synch)

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