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    I wanna have good healthcare--Travie McCoy's "Billionaire" Parody
  1. sonicwill
    4 Years Ago

    LOLOL! NICE JOB! Oh,and if you have an Ipod Touch,and a mic that hooks up with it(some headphones for the ipod have mics on them) then you could get this awesome app that autotunes your voice when you sing into it! Its 2 or 3 bux but worth it! The app is called "LaDiDa" Try it!

  2. A Modern Showdown
  3. sonicwill
    4 Years Ago

    Nicely done!

  4. Fat people Fighting with weapons and candy is coming out!
  5. sonicwill
    4 Years Ago

    cool game but i didnt catch the name in the beginning,might wanna check if ur mumbling.

  6. Black Ops tomahawk to the faceeee!!!!
  7. sonicwill
    4 Years Ago

    lol you dont do that everyday

  8. Catapult Fire Fun
  9. sonicwill
    4 Years Ago

    omg....that was...that was AWESOME!

  10. .
  11. sonicwill
    4 Years Ago

    omg super duper funny!

  12. TylerAustinVlog
  13. sonicwill
    4 Years Ago

    REal kool dude!

  14. Michael Foster - Rap/Hip-Hop Artist
  15. sonicwill
    4 Years Ago

    nice song dude!

  16. Shield pro!!!
  17. sonicwill
    4 Years Ago

    HAHA nice!

  18. Azstro Boii Aspiring artist from Hartford, CT
  19. sonicwill
    4 Years Ago

    I think you would have fun with two hip hop/dance music records,and a double turntable

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